Maintenance Technician

General Description:

Maintenance Technicians perform routine and preventative maintenance to maintain the physical integrity of Our Communities. They conduct home/maintenance repairs and are responsible for cleanliness and upkeep of community grounds, facilities, streets, equipment, and various utility systems. Maintenance Technicians always provide excellent customer service to prospective and current residents.


  1. Ensure community is presentable, inviting, and always adheres to our company’s curb appeal standards.
  2. Ensure common area lawns are manicured appropriately. Regularly treat for weeds, leaf removal, plant/maintain ornamental landscaping, trim shrubs and hedges, and performs other lawn care services as necessary.
  3. Ensure all debris is clear of streets and common areas at all times.
  4. Complete minor repairs to rental homes and facilities as needed.
  5. Maintain facilities such as clubhouse, community offices, and maintenance garages.
  6. Maintain vacant sites, to ensure they are clear, safe, neat and clean always.
  7. Complete checklists of physical condition of community or sites prior to and after resident occupancy.
  8. Assist manager with supervision of service contractors.
  9. Assist manager with organizing Capital Improvement needs.
  10. Regularly inspect playground area and equipment, and other recreational amenities to ensure proper operation, where applicable.
  11. Remove snow from community streets, parking lots, building entrances, inventory ready homes, and other areas, where applicable.
  12. Perform water testing and other maintenance duties related to a well-water system, sewer system, or on-site water meters, if applicable. May include reading, repairing, and installing water meters.
  13. Follow safety procedures while performing duties, including safely operating vehicles when moving from site to site and picking up supplies.
  14. Other duties and special projects as assigned.

As a Maintenance Technician, you must be hard-working, trustworthy, reliable and focused on providing excellent customer service. You must be highly organized and detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and broad experience in general maintenance techniques and repair work
  • Ability to endure seasonal temperatures as working conditions require constant outdoor work
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • General knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and grounds maintenance
  • Proficient skills in operating various hand tools, power equipment and commercial machinery
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Ability to provide legible written reports if applicable.
  • Ability to work well independently as well as on a team
  • Availability to respond to community needs during non-business hours (may be required to be on-call)

Maintenance Technicians Compensation:

  • Hourly Salary based on experience $15.00 and up
  • Health/Life benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays

Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply by contacting the Harbor Point Estates office directly: 773-646-2200 or email